November 18, 2013

trip to the ER and ACH

If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with us on Facebook, you probably saw our updates on Olivia this week.  We gave bits and pieces of the story because it is long and complicated but I wanted to record the full story so I don't forget all the details of God's provision and healing hand on our sweet girl over the past few days.  It was a LONG week but we are praising God tonight that we are all home under one roof and Olivia is on the road to full recovery.

It all started quite suddenly on Tuesday morning.  Olivia had been having perfect days....eating well, sleeping great and showing no signs of being sick.  She woke up Tuesday morning with a smile on her face and we started our day as usual.  However, as I was making her morning bottle, things quickly changed.  Olivia began throwing up, which isn't highly unusual in the mornings, so I didn't think too much of it until it continued for an hour and turned bloody. (Sorry for the graphic information...this just explains the severity of the situation.)  Once that happened, I text Jason and headed to the ER.  We got there and were immediately rushed to a room and I lost it.  I knew it wasn't good as I looked at the nurses' faces and how quickly everyone was moving to get Olivia in.  Thankfully my dad also met us at the ER and took over so Jason and I could answer questions and tell them all about Olivia, which takes a sweet forever when people don't know Olivia's history.

{And I have to say here that God was SO faithful to provide us with AMAZING care in the ER.  One of the nurses is the mom of one of Hannah's friends and the doctor in the ER on Tuesday is our next door neighbor.  We couldn't have planned it more perfect if we tried!  I am always amazed at God's hand in the details, especially things I wouldn't even think about!} 

Ok, back to the ER....Olivia was quickly hooked up to an IV, blood taken for tests and given fluids and some medicine to stop the vomiting.  After a couple of hours in the ER, the constant vomiting FINALLY stopped and Olivia got a little bit of rest and relief.  Because Olivia's case is so complicated with all her seizure medications, the doctor had to call Children's Hospital for consult on the best plan of action to care for her.  At this point Olivia hadn't had her seizure meds in about 15 hours and her seizures were becoming more frequent.  We tried to syringe her the meds but she couldn't keep them down.  So after a few more phone calls to Children's and our neurologist, it was decided that Olivia needed to be cared for at Children's Hospital.  So we quickly made plans for a trip to Little Rock.

Olivia and I boarded Angel One with the flight team, while Jason hit the road to meet us at the hospital.  It was one of the scariest moments of my life going by myself but I knew we were doing the right thing.  Thankfully, my sister lives in Conway so she and her husband met me at Children's so I didn't have to be alone.

Jason arrived shortly after we got there and the nurses and doctors didn't waste anytime getting Olivia's history and started ordering tests, even though it was 9pm.  We prepared ourselves for no sleep and began a night full of blood draws, IV fluids and xrays.

The nurses started the night trying to get some blood for a few tests.  Unfortunately this was much harder than anticipated because Olivia was now basically dehydrated because she had gone about 24 hours with eating.  Though she was hooked up to IV fluids, it wasn't enough to compensate for what she had lost.  So after about 6 pricks, they decided to wait a few more hours to get her more fluid.  So around 1am, we headed to xray for some chest and stomach xrays.  If your infant has ever had to have this done, I'm sorry. It's awful!  We've done these before but it wasn't when she was already super sick so this was a hundred times worse.  It is basically a plastic tube and the babies pretty much hang with their arms above their head.  Not fun for anyone.  Thankfully it goes pretty quickly.

After the xrays were over, we headed back to our room and tired to squeeze in a few hours of sleep.  But since Olivia was considered mildly critical, we were placed in the intermediate ICU so nurses are in and out of the room every hour to two hours for vitals and blood draws.  Fortunately, we did manage an hour or two of sleep before everything started again about 6am on Wednesday.

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