November 19, 2013

the day at ACH

Wednesday started with more tests and a visit from the team of doctors and residents that would be caring for Olivia.  The doctors and nurses are seriously so amazing at Children's!  Because Olivia has epilepsy and needs her medications, her case was quite complicated.  And at this point Olivia had basically been about 36 hours without her seizure medications so the doctors needed to figure out something quick.  They came up with a plan to give her some new seizure medications by IV and if she could go 12 hours without throwing up, we could try her oral medications again.

Praise the Lord she did go 12 hours and we were able to FINALLY get some good medicine in her.  This seriously began to make all the difference in the world!  By Wednesday night, Olivia was beginning to act like a new baby and we were so happy!  She even got a bath and seemed so happy to be clean! :)

We did get test results back and there wasn't anything of major concern.  The doctors were still a little puzzled as to why she was throwing up so much and so violently.  The only thing that did show up on one of the xrays was a small spot on her right lung.  It wasn't pneumonia but probably could've quickly turned to that had we not already been in the hospital.  So the respiratory therapist came and did a little work on Olivia's lungs to break up whatever could've been collecting in her lungs.  Thankfully we caught it early and nothing major came of it.

Hannah, my parents, my sister and Jason's parents all spent most of the day with us.  It was so great finally getting to see Hannah and have the support of our family there.  Hannah was pretty happy to see Olivia too.

She began taking a bottle again, only Pedialyte for 12 hours to make sure she could keep it all down.  She took a few ounces and went to sleep.

Around 1am, the nurse noticed Olivia's IV had fallen out as she was trying to give her some anti-reflux medication.  This could have been a really bad thing because Olivia was relying on the IV fluids to keep her hydrated.  So around 2am, I had to wake her up and get her to drink 2-3 ounces of Pedialyte to prevent having to put the IV back in.  It took an hour of working with her to drink but she did it!  We all went back to sleep until about 5:30 when we had to try the bottle again.  This time Olivia took 4 ounces!  This was huge because we knew she was getting better and we were hopefully on the right path to going home.

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