November 19, 2013

coming home from ACH

Thursday was a pretty easy day at Children's.  Our main goal was to get Olivia to take some formula from the bottle since she had done so well with Pedialyte for 12 hours.  We needed her to drink at least 2 bottles of formula successfully and the doctor would discharge us.  We worked hard but made it happen and by 2:30, we were beginning the process for checking out and heading back to Fayetteville!  Of course, discharge from a hospital takes a sweet forever so it was 4pm by the time we finally were in the car pulling away from Children's and making the journey back up the hill.

A few people had asked about getting the feeding tube since we were already in Little Rock.  We asked and really thought that would be best for Olivia since she lost about a pound in just 2 days and still isn't eating the amount she should.  But after talking to the doctor, we understood that it really wasn't safe to do it since Olivia had been so sick.  They basically concluded that Olivia had a horrible virus that causing the vomiting and stomach bleeding so she needs to completely heal before surgery.  Surgery could further complicate things and she probably wouldn't heal from the surgery as quickly if she had it while still fighting the virus.  So we will go back in early December for the feeding tube.

The ride home was uneventful, thankfully, and Olivia slept the entire time!  I think she was happy to be back home!

The conclusion from all the tests from the week didn't give us a lot of information as to why Olivia was so sick.  All the doctors were able to conclude was that she had a horrible virus and the throwing up caused some stomach bleeding.  So we don't really know what happened last week.  We have several appointments this week with her doctors here to follow up and do some more blood work just to make sure everything is back to normal.  Please keep praying for complete healing and that Olivia will stay well until her feeding tube surgery.

It was so amazing seeing God's hand over us our entire time at Children's.  We know we were covered in prayer by so many friends and family and we are so grateful.  We had friends left and right offer their homes and beds for us while we were in Little Rock and so many people offer to help with Hannah.  It is truly humbling to walk through something so scary but know we are never alone because of all the dear friends and family members God has placed in our path.  God is so good and faithful to answer prayers when we don't even know what to pray or what we need.  We are thankful to be home and recovering!

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