March 28, 2013

she's growing!

Well, Olivia is finally growing at an acceptable rate for her doctors and we couldn't be more excited!  Though she has always shown weight gain at doctor appointments, it was never a significant amount of weight.  But this week we had two appointments, one with Olivia's pediatrician and one with the neurologist, and both doctors said they were pleased with her growth over the past few weeks!  Seriously, I was so happy to hear that they were pleased with her weight....those words haven't been spoken about her growth/weight since we left the NICU.  I may have shed a few tears of joy while driving home because I finally feel like we are on the right track with Olivia and getting her figured out.
I think this girl is finally figuring out what the doctor's office looks like.  I've gotten this look several times before doctor appointments this week.

In fact, just over a month ago, Jason and I had the conversation that we would be okay with getting a feeding tube for Olivia because feeding times had become so stressful for all of us.  There were many days that I would be in tears with how long it was taking Olivia to eat, how much she was throwing up or just how difficult it was to feed her.  Most of Olivia's feedings were (and some still are) done with us bouncing on an exercise ball in the middle of our living room just to keep her calm so she can stay focused on eating and not just crying. (Special thanks to some precious friends for this tip when dealing with a fussy baby!)  Fortunately, we have doctors and therapists that didn't give up on us fighting to not get a feeding tube and we changed formulas again but found something that Olivia tolerates well and seems to enjoy.  With the encouragement and support of Olivia's doctors and therapists, we have FINALLY reached a "normal" baby daily growth rate and Olivia is slowly making her way back on the growth chart, weighing in at a whopping
11 pounds 14 ounces and 24 inches long.

precious clean baby :)

So our hard work is beginning to pay off and though we continue to struggle at times to get Olivia to eat, things are SO much better than a month ago.  I finally feel at peace and at ease with her growth and I'm not constantly worrying about her eating or weighing her all the time.  Though we do have to still increase her calories and keep track of how many ounces she is getting each day, we can rest a little easier and that makes feeding time more enjoyable for all of us.

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