January 18, 2013

BIG prayers needed

I am SO behind blogging and want to catch up on all our fun Christmas things but wanted to share what Olivia has had going on this week and ask for prayers for our sweet baby.

On Tuesday, we had an appointment with the neurologist.  And though things seem to be going well, we have reason to believe that Olivia is having some seizure activity pretty regularly.  It isn't like the seizures that we all see on TV or in movies so we aren't completely sure what is going on but some of her movements are a bit odd and the doctor believes these movements could be seizures.  We are increasing her seizure medicine and praying this will fix the "ticks" that we see happening.  If not, we will be going back in for an EEG soon.  We REALLY don't want to have to do that again right now so please pray that the increase in medicine will reduce (or eliminate!) these odd movements.

We also met with the nutritionist on Tuesday because Olivia isn't gaining weight as she should.  She is now in the 1% for weight.  She's also in the 1% for height and head circumference, so she's proportional just not growing at the rate the doctors had hoped.  It is SO important for Olivia to be gaining weight because her brain needs as many nutrients as possible but if she isn't gaining weight there aren't a lot of "extra" nutrients to go around to make the healthy parts of her brain develop as necessary.

On Thursday, we had Olivia's official 4-month check up.  After we met with the nutritionist on Tuesday, we were instructed to change up her formula intake a little bit to try and get more calories per ounce in her bottles.  Unfortunately, Olivia did not tolerate the higher calories and threw up after most of her bottles on Wednesday.  So, she didn't gain any weight at the doctor on Thursday.  She didn't lose any but the nutrtionist really wanted her to gain at least an ounce in that 48 hour time period.  Now we are simply trying to get her to finish each bottle (4 ounces) and keep it all down for the next few days.  I will talk with the nutritionist again next week and take Olivia back to the pediatrician in 2 weeks for a we ight check.  The doctors are running out of options to increase Olivia's calorie intake so we are praying that big things will happen in the next few days and weeks. Will you please join us in praying Olivia will gain weight?  We are desperate for our sweet girl to grow!
Sweet sister snuggle time after a hard week.  LOVE these girls SO much and am SO blessed to be their mommy!


  1. Praying for Olivia, your family and doctors!!!

  2. Praying for your sweet baby girl!

  3. Just read this blog, Stacey....I am praying. Y'all are so precious. I'm hoping by now Olivia has gained a bit. Praying for your peace, continued courage and Olivia's healing.