December 13, 2012

10 days of sickness

Olivia had her first "sick baby" doctor appointment last week and it broke my heart!  She had been super congested and not eating for about 24 hours so we were pretty worried and went straight to the doctor.  Fortunately, the doctor didn't hear or see anything of concern so we just continued to do what we could to get her to eat and sleep.  I've spent many nights on the couch with our sick little girl trying to keep her comfortable and asleep for more than 30 minutes at time.  It was a rough week for all of us with very little sleep and lots of stress over Olivia's eating.

LOTS of sweet snuggles with this sick baby

Over the weekend, things seemed to improve.  Olivia was eating better and we were getting back on our "schedule".  However, Monday things seemed to get a little worse again.  This time her congestion had turned into a pretty nasty-sounding cough.  So back to the doctor we went.  The doctor ordered a chest xray because even though she still didn't hear anything in Olivia's lungs, she wanted to make sure she wasn't missing something.  Unfortunately, Jason didn't go with me to this appointment so I was by myself doing this whole xray thing.  Not the greatest experience ever but Olivia and I both survived. :)  The xray came back completely clear (Praise the Lord!) so now we are just back to focusing on her eating and staying hydrated.  Even though Olivia hasn't eaten well the past 10 days, she hasn't lost weight so that is an answered prayer for sure!  She hasn't gained but we'll take the not losing at this point!

Cuddles with Daddy after the horrible xray experience made everything better!

Today she woke up less congested, eating better and less fussy. YAY!  Hoping that continues through the week (and through Christmas) because we've got some super fun things planned this year!

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