November 26, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

We have a crazy busy but fun week and I have lots to blog about but I want to start with our super fun Thanksgiving.  We had several firsts this Thanksgiving and SO much to be thankful for!  Because of Olivia and us wanting to protect her as much as possible, we decided to host Thanksgiving this year.  Jason smokes a turkey every year anyways so it was actually a pretty easy decision.  And we kept it super small with just our parents and my aunt and they took care of all the other cooking so I really didn't do was a great deal for us! :)

We started off the morning watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while Jason perfected the turkey.

It was the first holiday that I got to dress these two alike and I LOVED it!  Having two girls is SO much fun (and expensive!) especially during the holiday season.

Not only was it Thanksgiving but it was also Olivia's 3 month birthday!  I can't believe she is already 3 months old!  (I'll have an official 3 month post later this week after we visit the doctor and get her stats.)  We seriously fall in love with her more and more each day.  Even though it has been a tough 3 months, I couldn't be more thankful that God chose us to be Olivia's parents.  We are very blessed. 

Hannah loved having both her MiMi and her Khaki here.  She also spent most of the day playing outside with my aunt.  I am so thankful for the women in our family who love Hannah and Olivia so much!

After everyone left Thursday evening, it was time for some football and snuggles for these two. :)

On Friday, Jason took Hannah to the Razorback football game.  It was super cold so they only made it through the first half but I know it was fun for both of them to have some daddy/daughter time.

I got to stay home and cuddle with Olivia.  It was perfect for all of us!

On Saturday, we went to have dinner at my parents' house because Jack and Kristy were in town.  It was so fun seeing them and catching up since we didn't get to spend Thanksgiving Day together.

We had a full, long weekend with family and I loved it!  Now I am busy getting our house decorated for Christmas....I forgot how time consuming it is, especially while caring for a newborn and a busy preschooler, so hopefully we'll have it all done by this weekend. ;)

Olivia also has lots of doctor appointments this week, including her EEG on Friday.  I'll be posting lots of updates as we find out more about her growth and development this week!

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