November 12, 2012

our weekend

We had a very relaxing weekend at home and it was just what we all needed after the craziness of the past few weeks.  We enjoyed lots of family time, naps and movies. Perfection.

On Saturday, Hannah and I went with my Mom to the NWA Boutique show for a little shopping.
Hannah felt like such a big girl all morning shopping with us and loved looking at all the fun Christmas stuff.  But she was definitely more interested in her Bliss cupcake than shopping. :)

The girls spent some sister time together watching Baby Einstein.  I cannot wait to watch them become best friends as they grow up together. 

Olivia fell asleep in the bathtub one night.  Might be one of the cutest and funniest things yet.
We ended our weekend cuddled up watching movies on a rainy Sunday.  My momma heart was so happy and so full!
We have a busy week ahead so I am counting my blessings of a quiet, restful weekend with my sweet family.

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