November 5, 2012

our week and our halloween

Well it has been one crazy week around our house!  After I blogged about Olivia's shots, Hannah was diagnosed with the flu.  How this happened, I have no idea!  She got the flu shot about a month ago and we haven't been around anyone sick since Olivia came home. (Except we did learn from the pediatrician that the flu vaccine is only 59% effective this year.  Awesome.)  But it happened so Hannah spent all of last week with my parents because she couldn't be home and around Olivia while she was running a fever.  It was SO hard on my momma heart to not be able to take care of Hannah while she was so sick but I am SO thankful for my parents and how they sacrificed their week to take care of Hannah since I couldn't.

Poor sick baby :(

While Hannah was at my parent's house, I was taking care of Olivia while she recovered from her shots.  Fortunately she didn't have any severe reactions and I got to enjoy some extra snuggling for a couple of days.  We even went for our first official walk one day to enjoy the exceptionally warm fall weather.

Unfortunately Hannah was sick on Halloween so we had to skip the parties and trick-or-treating but my sweet aunt had a bowl of candy for Hannah to enjoy while she was sick.
We enjoyed a little evening at home and I played dress up with Olivia for her first Halloween. :)

She wasn't too sure about the hat but I love it!  I can't wait until her head is a little bit bigger and it actually fits.
Hannah finally got to come home after 24 hours of being fever free and we were so excited to have her home!  However, shortly after coming home, Hannah developed a horrible head-to-toe rash so we ended up at an after hours clinic.  And we learned that she is allergic to Tamiflu.  Crazy, right?!? (Jason looked up the stats on that and less than 1% are allergic to flu medications and of course our child would be in that 1%....)
Once we got the rash thing figured out, we decided to do our own little trick-or-treating.  Hannah LOVES Halloween so I was super disappointed she didn't get to dress up in her costume.  We remedied that, let her dress up and headed to my parent's house for some trick-or-treating. (Plus, I couldn't let this super cute Wonder Woman costume go to waste!)
Though the past week didn't go according to plan, I am so thankful both my babies are well and no one else go the flu.  We are praying for a healthy winter for all of us and protection over Olivia and her immune system as it continues to develop in the coming months.

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