November 15, 2012

our visit to the neurologist

Today we had Olivia's first visit post-hospital to the neurologist.  The doctor checked Olivia's reflexes and responses to different stimuli such as lights and noises.  The doctor was beyond thrilled with how well Olivia was doing today.  And Jason and I were beyond thrilled to get such great news!  We were both feeling a little anxious this morning about this appointment but God answered lots of prayers and Olivia is definitely surprising doctors with her progress. 

We will go back to the neurologist in two weeks for an EEG and at that point the doctor will determine if we can begin to wean Olivia off of the seizure medication.  Unfortunately, because Olivia hasn't gained a lot of weight, she is not weaning herself off the medicine as the doctors had hoped so we really don't know what she will be like without it since the amount she is given is still pretty significant considering her size.

The one concern the neurologist has about Olivia is her head growth.  Olivia's head is not growing as it should but there are two different things that could be causing a slower head growth: 1)her brain injury....the skull grows as needed and if her brain is still trying to rewire itself, it may not be growing properly just yet or 2)her lack of weight gain...because her body overall isn't growing at a rapid pace, her head/brain aren't either.  We really won't know the cause of her slow head growth until she gains more weight and her head either grows with the gain or not.  The neurologist will measure her head again in two weeks and we are praying for great growth at that appointment.  Most of Olivia's "issues" at this time are related to her weight gain, or lack thereof, so we will be working hard to get her to eat well and adding formula to every bottle in hopes of giving her more calories that will up that number on the scales!

I want to take a minute and give a shout out to my sweet husband.  Jason has missed work on a number of occassions and even missed part of his agency's annual meeting this morning to go with me to Olivia's appointment.  He has been to every doctor appointment and I couldn't be more thankful for that.  Olivia's life right now revolves around doctors and therapists and it is so nice to not have to go to those appointments alone.  Jason works so hard to provide for our family and always puts our girls first.  We are all truly blessed to have him taking care of our family.

Thankfully we are done with doctor appointments for a couple of weeks and can really work on Olivia gaining weight and getting stronger.  So today we are celebrating and praising Jesus for His work in Olivia's life because we know what the doctor saw today is nothing short of a miracle.

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