November 12, 2012

olivia update

We have a big week for Olivia as we have a follow up appointment with the neurologist.  We are hoping the doctor will do another EEG to assess Olivia's brain activity.  We believe there will be nothing abnormal on the EEG and if that is the case, we will be able to stop the Keppra prescription that has been used to prevent/control seizure activity.  But we have had an exciting few days around our house that I wanted to share.

Olivia is cooing! This is HUGE because we have no idea what parts of her brain are injured so it is so incredibly encouraging that possibly the part of her brain that controls speech is not injured or if it is, the injury is minimal.  It is THE sweetest sound ever! (Except for at 3 or 4am :))  I seriously do everything I can during the day to get her to "talk" to me.  Every milestone that she meets is truly a miracle and we praising God for this little blessing.
We have also finally found a formula that Olivia can tolerate.  We struggled for a couple of weeks finding something that would set well with her little digestive system and not aggravate her reflux.  Again, something that seems so little to some is a huge miracle and blessing to us.  Olivia isn't gaining weight as she should so we are hopeful this new formula will do the trick and our little one will start growing and amaze all the doctors!
It is still so hard how far Olivia has come in 2.5 months: (her story starts here)

I am so thankful for these little miracles we have experienced over the past few days. We know God has big things planned for this little girl and it is truly humbling to be a part of it and entrusted with her life to be her parents.


  1. That is great! It was great to see you last week.

  2. That's so great, Stacey! She's such a doll and so thrilled to hear she's "cooing"!

  3. I love seeing pictures of her! She's grown SO much, and she just looks so happy and content in all of them. She's such a blessing!

  4. Look at those beautiful eyes, what a sweet blessing!