November 10, 2012

finally back to normal

We finally had somewhat of a normal week this week and I couldn't be more thankful.  Hannah didn't got to school this week because she still had a few rash spots on her face and I wanted to make sure she was completely well before we entered the social world again.  Once I knew she was completely fine, Hannah and I went to lunch with some friends.  Olivia was having a rough, fussy morning so Jason came home for his lunch break to be with her so Hannah and I could get out of the house for a bit and maintain our sanity.  (I think he's a keeper ;))
It was unseasonably warm this week so we spent some time outside.  Hannah rode her bike while Olivia and I followed.  It was a fun little outing with my girls!
Olivia started 2 of her 3 therapies this week.  I am so very thankful for the awesome therapists that we have been connected to during this time.  She's eating better and better thanks to the guidance of our speech therapist.  And her muscles are getting a good workout to help with her tone during her time with the physical therapist.

Olivia also had a weight check with the pediatrician this week.  She has only gained 2 ounces in 2 weeks so her weight is still not where it should be for a 2.5 month old.  We have started adding formula to some of her bottles so hopefully that will help with her weight gain in the coming weeks.  While we were at the doctor, Olivia also had to get her first Synagis shot.  We will go once a month from November until March for this shot.  The shot will help her body fight off any viruses that she may be introduced to so she doesn't develop RSV.  

After her morning at physical therapy followed by the doctor visit, she was one tired baby!

Jason and I also had our first date night in awhile thanks to my sweet parents.  It was much needed after the last couple of weeks!  I am so thankful my parents help us make our marriage a priority and offer to keep the girls for a few hours just so we can take some time for ourselves out of the house.  It was refreshing and helped Jason and I reconnect because our relationship can definitely be pushed to the back burner if we aren't mindful of each other and the importance of our marriage as we are figuring out life with Olivia and not getting much sleep in the meantime.

So far we are having a pretty relaxing weekend and I am soaking it all up! :) 

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