October 16, 2012

our first week at home

Well it's been one week since we brought sweet Olivia home and hard to believe how fast time goes!  It has been a week of not much sleep, lots of bottles and LOTS of snuggling! :)  We've had a pretty uneventful week just trying to figure out Olivia's likes, dislikes, schedule and personality. 

We quickly learned that Olivia does not like the cradle.  We think this is in part due to her reflux and laying down may be too painful.  She sleeps mainly in the Nap Nanny (thanks Mom & Dad for the wonderful gift!) or her bouncy chair.  But she likes to party from about 1am to 4am and doesn't like to sleep during that time unless we are holding her.  I'm thankful Jason and I can split up the night shift so we are at least getting a few hours of sleep.  Hopefully this phase will pass soon....but she sure is precious sleeping!

Olivia was introduced to bedtime stories with Daddy.  I can't wait for both girls to be cuddled up in bed listening to Jason read books. :)

Olivia was also introduced to College Gameday on Saturday.  She spent most of the day snuggled with Jason on the couch.  Girl better like football because it's the only way to survive the weekends in this house!

Big sister Hannah wanted to show Olivia all about Praise Baby.  We love the Praise Baby DVDs in our house so I was super excited when Hannah suggested this!

The girls (I love saying that!) also spent some bonding time together on the play mat.  Olivia isn't too interested in it just yet but Hannah sure has had fun with it!

Olivia had her first doctor appointment with our new pediatrician.  Olivia is now up to 7lbs 13ounces and 20 inches!  We are so thankful she is growing because feeding time is definitely a struggle.  It takes about an hour for each bottle and she has been spitting up quite a bit the past few days.  But weight gain is good so I will gladly struggle through feedings to make sure she is growing adequately.
It's been a fun (and tiring) first week at home!  Our families have been a HUGE help this past week in making this transition home as easy as possible on all of us.  I am so thankful to live close to both our families during times like this. 
We have several more doctor appointments and therapy evaluations in the coming weeks that will further determine what life will look like with Olivia during the next several months.  I'm a bit anxious about it all but I know God is in control and every day of Olivia's life is already planned out.  We trust that God's plan is perfect and we have been put with the best doctors and therapists in our area.  Thank you for following us on this journey and praying for our family.


  1. They are both getting so big! Glad you had a good first week at home!

  2. She is a precious little sweetheart. I keep her in my prayers and know she is in excellent hands with the family she has been blessed to have.