October 29, 2012

official 2 month check up

Today we had Olivia's official 2 month check up with our regular pediatrician.  Olivia got her first round of shots and did decently well.  Now we just wait and see how her body responds over the next 48 hours.  So far, things have been good.  No fever, just a little fussiness when she moves around probably because her legs are sore.  Several people have asked why we didn't/couldn't separate the shots and do a more delayed schedule if the doctors are a little worried about her reactions.  The doctors believe there is actually a higher risk for Olivia if we were to spread out her shots.  By getting all the necessary shots at once during each well-baby check up, her immune system is basically jump-started and her body is forced to create anti-bodies.  If we were to spread the vaccines out, she may never truly produce all the anti-bodies she really needs to fight off these viruses.

The nurse spent some time talking with Olivia before giving her the shots.  Olivia enjoyed her little chat and had no idea what was coming. :(

Overall, Olivia's check up was great except for her weight gain.  She has only gained about an ounce in a week.  The doctor is a bit concerned so we will go back in two weeks for a weight check.  Hopefully by then Olivia will have gained weight and we can let her sleep more and go longer than three to fours between feedings.  I absolutely hate having to wake her up when she is sleeping so peacefully.  We will also begin adding a bit of formula to her bottles to help with her vitamin deficiencies so hopefully that will also help with weight gain.  Thankfully, we recently invested in a baby scale for home so we can also keep up with her weight gain since she is still struggling with reflux quite a bit and not always finishing a bottle and obviously not gaining like she should. 

Olivia has spent most of the day sleeping and I have enjoyed the extra snuggles. :)
Praying for a restful night, no fever/reactions in the coming days and good eating with weight gain in the coming weeks!

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  1. Grow, baby, grow!

    Stacey, she's so beautiful. I'm praying she breezes through her shots. I always think its tougher on mommies than on the babies. Love you all!