October 3, 2012

NICU...happy 6 weeks!

Six weeks ago we entered the world of the NICU, having no idea what to expect or what we would go through during that time.  I never thought our sweet Olivia would spend six weeks in the NICU.  I never thought this would be part of her story.  But it is and today we got the GREAT news that we will get to bring our baby home on Monday!  Words cannot describe how excited and nervous we are to bring Olivia home.  We have NO idea what life will look like but we are so thankful to be closing this chapter and beginning a new one.

Olivia has done so well taking the bottle this week!  She has consistently taken all feedings, completely, for 48 hours.  The doctor will continue to monitor her for the next five days to make sure she continues to gain weight and take all her feedings by bottle without the feeding tube.  As long as that continues, we will be home sometime Monday.  The nurse today also took out her feeding tube so she can't "rely" on that anymore and will have to work for all her feedings.

I've never been more excited about an empty bottle in my life :)

SO thankful and happy to see this little face without any tubes!

And I am forever grateful to our AMAZING speech therapist, Janna.  She is seriously the BEST and worked so hard with Olivia the past few weeks.  God has been so faithful to send just the right people to work with us and help Olivia make great progress.  We are SO thankful for Janna and her love and dedication to our sweet baby during our time in the NICU.

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  1. So excited for your going home plan! Continuing to pray for you guys!