October 7, 2012

NICU weekend update

This should be our last weekend update from the NICU!  As long as nothing crazy happens tonight, we will be bringing our sweet Olivia home tomorrow!  It's hard to believe this journey is coming to an end.  It is definitely bittersweet and I am beyond anxious tonight.  We have come to love the nurses in the NICU and Willow Creek has become a second home for us during the past six and a half weeks BUT we are beyond excited to begin life with Olivia at home.  I can't wait to see what this next week will be like adding this new little one to our life!

This weekend Olivia had several tests and evaluations to get her ready for discharge.  She started out with the 90-minute car seat test.  She looks SO little and SO confused in her car seat!

About halfway through, sweet girl fell asleep and was pretty happy about it. ;)

Olivia also had her OT evaluation with our awesome OT, Juli.  I've learned so much from Juli about infant massage and stretching and can't wait to start working with Olivia as soon as she gets home.  Hopefully this will help her muscle tone and development as she grows in the coming months.  And Olivia loved her massages from Juli and would almost always fall asleep during her sessions.

Olivia hasn't had the best weekend feeding so we are praying hard we do get to bring her home tomorrow.  But as long as the doctor and speech therapist give us the okay, Olivia will have a few last minute evaluations and we will finalize some paperwork and then hopefully we will be bringing this sweet baby girl home!

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