October 30, 2012

happy birthday hannah!

Last week we celebrated Hannah's 4th birthday and had a blast making her feel special.  I was so worried that she would feel overlooked with all the attention Olivia needs from Jason and I.  But my mom was gracious to come spend the day with Olivia on Hannah's birthday so I could take her to lunch and just have some Mommy-Hannah time.

We started our day at Barnes & Noble so Hannah could spend some birthday money she got from my grandparents.  Hannah loves books and playing at Barnes & Noble!

After her book purchase, we went to lunch at Chick-fil-A and then to pick up her cake for our family party.

We kept things really low-key this year because we don't want Olivia around lots of people right now.  My parents and Jason's parents came over for pizza and cake and it was a perfect evening for our first baby girl!

Present time! (Always Hannah's favorite part of ANY party!)

Hannah got a big girl bike from my parents and was SO excited! She is doing remarkably well with it and I can't wait to do some family biking next spring.

I let Hannah pick out her cake this year and of course she picked out a princess cake. :)

It was a fun day celebrating Hannah and hanging out with family.  I can't believe our first baby is FOUR!  Hannah is turning into quite the little girl and though I LOVE this age, I am a little sad at how quickly the last four years have gone by.  Time seriously goes way too fast!!  Hannah is such a joy to be around and I love the conversations we get to have every day.  She loves her friends so much and is becoming the best big sister!  It is so fun hearing Hannah talk about her life...everything from playing pretend to dressing up like a princess to talking about Jesus....I love her heart and can't wait to continue watching her grow into the little girl God created her to be.

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