October 9, 2012

hannah (finally) meets olivia

After 6 1/2 LONG weeks for Hannah, she finally got to meet Olivia! It was one of the most perfect moments I have ever experienced. I cannot wait to watch these two sisters grow up together and become the best of friends.

Hannah just stared at Olivia when she first got home from school.  It was really like she couldn't believe Olivia was actually home. :)

I know it's blurry but I love the little smile on Hannah's face.  She is one proud big sister!

It didn't take long before Hannah asked to hold Olivia.  I can already tell this will be a daily thing and I love it!
I am SO thankful Hannah loves Olivia so much.  I know this is (and will continue to be) a huge adjustment for Hannah but today I am thankful she is doing so well with everything and really wants to help as much as possible with Olivia.  These girls are precious gifts to us and I don't want to take any of these moments for granted.


  1. I'm so happy to see how well Hannah is doing with Olivia finally home! And Olivia's homecoming outfit couldn't be any cuter! She looked precious! I'm sad I didn't get to see it in person.

  2. So so excited for you! Welcome Home Olivia!

  3. Congrats on bringing you sweet baby girl home!!! I'm a 27 week preemie Momma. We spent 57 days in the NICU and I know how exciting that moment is =)

    My son was born at 27 weeks due to Fetal Maternal Hemorrhage. Basically his blood was going back into my body and he was born without any blood in his body. He truly is my miracle baby! I just wanted to give you some hope for the future... I know how scary the unknowns are =/ We were told that he could have cerebral palsy and soo many other things that could go wrong. He is 11 months old 22lbs and COMPLETELY healthy!!! No early intervention or any other therapys. Our only issue was reflux (that cleared at 6 months). I can handle that! ;) Its amazing how tough these babies are!!

    Enjoy these precious moments with your sweet family of 4 <3