September 9, 2012

NICU weekend update

This was another big weekend for Olivia!  Thursday Olivia was moved to her own room, Friday she had her MRI and Saturday she was moved to an open crib....she has done great with all these changes and we couldn't be more thankful!

We were happily surprised to learn early Thursday morning that Olivia would be moved to her own room.  This is huge because she is now out of the critical stages and we are a little bit closer to bringing her home, though we still have no idea when that will actually be.  It also means we can spend more time with her at the hospital, which is SO great for our momma and daddy hearts.

On Friday, Olivia had her long-awaited MRI.  Olivia had to be transported to Springdale for her MRI so one of her nurses came in on her day off to go with Olivia on the ambulance.  It is quite an ordeal to transport little ones but we were fully confident in the transport team and the nurse.

Here's Olivia's ride to Springdale:

I know this picture is really dark but I wanted to  capture her cute little earmuffs (the yellow thing on the side of her head) used to block out the noises of the MRI.  Supposedly it is really loud but fortunately the nurse said she slept through the entire thing.
I spent all Friday afternoon just loving on this sweet girl.  It was so great being able to hang out at the hospital, hold her during her feedings and work on her taking a pacifier. (Still a huge prayer is one of the last goals we have before we can bring her home!)

Saturday, her PICC line was removed so she is no longer hooked up to anything except her feeding tube and her pulse monitor!  Because her PICC line was removed and her body temperature has been consistent, she was moved to an open crib!
And because she is in an open crib, I finally get to dress her!  Although only onesies and gowns are allowed, it is refreshing to get to dress my baby 17 days after birth.  Every little thing is a victory and I am not taking these things for granted.
And because Olivia has a private room, a few family members are able to visit and actually hold her now.  My mom and sister both got to hold her this weekend and they were both pretty excited. :)

A very eventful weekend for our sweet little angel!  Now we, as parents, have an eventful week as we will be meeting with the neurologist and doctors about the MRI results.  Please be praying that we will have the strength to handle the results as well as the wisdom to know what we need to do for Olivia in the coming days.  This is all unknown territory to us but we know God knew all of this since the beginning of time so we trust in His plan for our lives, especially sweet Olivia's life.


  1. Stacey,
    Thank you so much for all the update details. Olivia is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I am praising God for all of the progress He has made in her precious little life. She could not have a better momma and daddy and big sis. It is truly phenomenal to read what God has done for her in these last few weeks. His plan is so amazing!!! I am honored to watch it unfold as your family faces each day with incredible faith and strength. I will continue to pray for you all every day. I can't wait to rejoice with you as she continues to improve and gain God-strength.
    Love you!!

  2. Stacey, We are thinking of praying for you often. I can't wait to meet Olivia. She is breath taking and beautiful. Whatever the results are, I know that God has a plan and you all are going to handle it amazingly!

  3. I can absolutely relate! As soon as our son was put into an actual crib, we were thrilled! Same with clothes!!! Praying for your family and Olivia!

  4. It is such wonderful progress for her to be in an open crib and be free of the PICC line! The day I found out I got to finally dress my preemie, I felt incredibly emotional, excited, and more like a real mom than I had since she was born. I'm so glad Olivia is doing this well, and I really hope you get good news from the doctors after the MRI.