September 30, 2012

NICU weekend update

It has been a weekend of progress and mixed emotions.  On Friday, Jason spent the day with Olivia and I at the hospital and it was great having him with us all day!  It was also productive because we are both learning how to feed Olivia.  It is quite the ordeal at times....especially if Olivia is upset or too sleepy.  But we have both gotten some good practice with her this weekend so hopefully it will be a successful transition for all of us once Olivia is home.

Because Olivia was doing so well on Friday, the doctor actually thought we would be able to bring her home this week.  However, throughout the weekend, Olivia has only consistently taken about 1/2 of her feedings by bottle and the other 1/2 had to be given through her feeding tube.  Since she isn't taking all of every by bottle, the doctor today said that it would be at least next Monday because he wants to observe her this entire week and then consult the speech therapist and other doctor about going home.  At this point, it is also quite likely that we will be brining Olivia home with some sort of feeding tube.  Of course, we know that could all change within a week and that is what we are praying!  We know that things can change in a matter of hours in the NICU so we are praying hard that Olivia's feedings will just "click" and she'll begin taking each feeding completely by bottle.

This is why she can't seem to finish a bottle right now....
Precious baby just can't stay awake long enough!  Sometimes Olivia will even sleep "through" a feeding so the nurse doesn't have the opportunity to try the bottle and the feeding is given by tube.  We're praying she will wake up for all her feedings, stay awake through her feedings and take all of her feedings by bottle this week.


  1. Stacey, I said a prayer for your sweet girl and your family! I know you all are ready to be home together!

  2. Thank you so much Rebekah! We appreciate the prayers!