September 17, 2012

NICU weekend update

Olivia has had an up and down weekend but fortunately today ended with great progress!  The focus for Olivia right now is for her to take milk from a bottle.  Her sucking is phenomenal...she sucks on her paci like a champ and would suck on it all. day. long.  But when it comes to the bottle and milk comes out, she kinda freaks out a little bit.  And if she gets choked at all, she's done and doesn't want to try really at all.  Fortunately, we have a phenomenal speech therapist who came in for two sessions this weekend (on her days off) to work with Olivia.  She didn't do awesome Saturday or Sunday but today was a different story....

Her therapy sessions absolutely wear her out. She took a good little nap cuddled with Daddy on Sunday afternoon.

Today I spent most of the day with Olivia while Hannah was at preschool.  (I must add that Hannah is doing MUCH better and went to school without tears this morning!  For those praying for Hannah too, THANK YOU!)  Olivia was awake (and serious) most of the morning.  I could just stare at this face all day long!  It may be difficult to be productive once she comes home! :)
Today Olivia took almost an entire feeding by bottle!  This is HUGE because she has only been taking about one-fifth of her feedings since beginning the bottle last week.  We praying hard that this progress continues this week so the doctors will start thinking about discharging this little one and we can bring her home! Please join us in praying this too.  My momma heart is beyond anxious to have sweet baby home with the rest of us.

I posted this on Facebook and Twitter on Saturday but couldn't resist not posting it here. LOVE this little piggie!


  1. Great news! Have they done a swallow study on her? She may have trouble with the thin-ness (is that a word?!) of the the liquids. We had that problem with Brayden because he was a vent for so long. They did a swallow study while we were at ACH and it turned out that he was aspirating some of the liquid into his lungs. It's fairly common with babies who've been on a vent and they outgrow it with time.

    It's an easy fix (you just have to thicken the liquid with a substance that is sort of like cornstarch called Thick It - there's also a liquid version) and it made our feedings so much better! It might be worth it to ask the neonatologist! Praying for you guys!

    1. We are scheduled for a swallow test on Thursday. Hoping that will provide some answers to her choking and help the therapist find the perfect thickness/consistency of her feedings.

  2. I have been praying for you all so much! I am so glad to hear she took her bottle and Hannah had a great day! Hope to see your family soon!

  3. Stacey, I grew up with Jason and I have been keeping up with your blog posts and Jason's facebook posts ever since sweet Olivia came into this world. We have been praying for all of you at the Reith house, and we will continue to lift all of you up in prayer (and also include the specifics you mentioned in this entry today).

    I've got a 4 and 6 year old, and can't imagine how they would react to such a situation. So I was so glad to hear that Hannah is doing much better--that's a blessing in and of itself.

    Take care!