September 26, 2012

NICU day 35

Today marks 5 weeks of our NICU journey.  Olivia has accomplished so much in the past five weeks.  She continues to grow and is thriving...up to 7lbs 4oz today!  Olivia has consistently taken about 1/2 of her feedings by bottle the last two days so we are hopeful that she is finally getting the hang of it.

Little Sister also had an eye exam this week.  Eye problems, including blindness, is very common in babies who have been on the vent or lost oxygen during birth.  Fortunately, the eye doctor did not see any issues!  We will have a follow up in the coming months but for now we are praising God for this blessing!

Tomorrow she will have a swallow study done with the speech therapist and doctor.  We are hoping to have some clear answers as to how to proceed with her feedings and reflux medication so that she can be more successful with her feedings by bottle.  We're ready to move forward with her feedings and get a date to bring her home!  I'm also ready for some pictures of this sweet baby's face without any tubes! :)

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. I love seeing pictures of her sweet face and hearing how the Lord is answering the prayers that many of us are lifting on your family's behalf. Hang in there - we are all with you, even if we can't be there!