September 24, 2012

NICU day 33

Olivia is working hard to get the bottle thing down!  She took several bottles this weekend but didn't want much to do with it today.  And when she did take a bottle, she would end up throwing up.  The doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned with this yet but Olivia will definitely have a swallow study done this week so the doctor and speech therapist can evaluate her reflux.  She is currently taking Prevacid but that doesn't seem to be doing much to correct the issue.  Hopefully the swallow study will show the doctor exactly what needs to be done so she can keep her milk down and we can start thinking about bringing her home.

One thing I have learned through this whole bottle-drinking ordeal is that I will NEVER again take for granted feeding a baby a bottle.  It seems so simple...suck, swallow, breathe....but that routine doesn't come easily for Olivia and it has changed the way I think about it all.  Olivia has to be held a certain way during feedings, burped often and then held upright for several minutes after eating to see if she will throw up.  It is a little overwhelming to think about but I know it will get easier for all of us in the coming days.

This is one of Olivia's sweet nurses patiently working with her to drink from the bottle.

This whole bottle thing really wears this girl out!  She sleeps so hard after working at the bottle.
We are praying for several things this week: 1)the reflux will subside, 2)Olivia will continue to get comfortable with bottle feeding, 3)the swallow study will give the doctor some insight into what goes on while Olivia is eating.  Thank you for following us and praying for us on this journey!


  1. praying for clear answers from the study! And I'm loving her blonde hair! :)

  2. I love it too! I can't wait for y'all to meet her!

  3. Hey Stacey,
    You are doing so great! It is such a blessing to see you give God glory for His daily strength. You are such an inspiration to me. One day, you and Olivia will be able to look back at this journal of all God is helping her do and she will praise the Lord with you for His awesome deeds! We will continue to lift your family up & especially these specific concerns. Thanks for keeping us posted! LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi! I came across your blog from Kelly's Korner (I think!?) And just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your sweet girl! My siste had a little girl March of 2011 and she spent several months in the NICU. My sister has started a foundation whose mission is to help and be a support to other preemie and NICU families and I wanted to share our Facebook page with you: We are from Northwest Arkansas as well and if there is anything we can do for your family, please let us know! Our email is Hope you all have a great week! -Jamie