September 5, 2012

NICU day 13

Olivia is doing better and getting stronger each day.  So far this week she has had her third EEG and has been evaluated by the occupational therapist and speech therapist.  We haven't officially met with the doctor or neurologist to get the EEG results but the tech, who does all the EEGs in the NICU, did say that Olivia's EEG looked much better this time than it did last time.  We are clinging to that statement and hoping the doctor thinks the same! 

Poor baby with the EEG marks on her forehead.  I will be SO glad when she is unhooked from everything!
I am so thankful Jason is self-employed.  It has been a huge blessing because he can go to the hospital to visit Olivia as often as possible.  He spent his lunch hour holding her while she fed.

I got to change Olivia's diaper for the first time yesterday!  I have never been more excited to change a diaper! Ha!
But this little girl wasn't as excited about the diaper change and temperature taking as her momma!
Olivia has already been evaluated by the occupational therapist and speech therapist.  The only "results" we have from those evaluations are that she doesn't suck very well and it takes her quite a while to latch on to the pacifier.  We are praying that improves in the coming days because the speech therapist is the one who will give the green light on giving Olivia bottles rather than the feeding tube.  I'm hoping this happens sooner than later...I'm SO ready to give this little girl a bottle!

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