August 6, 2012

weekend in the water

We literally spent the majority of our weekend in the water and it was wonderful!  With the ridiculous heat this weekend, there really wasn't a better way to spend our time and I was super thankful for multiple opportunities to be in cool water.

Hannah had her final swim lesson on Saturday morning.  She did great and we have been so impressed with her this summer!  Not to mention, it was a really great bonding time for Hannah and Jason.  He was a huge help by "volunteering" to take over swim lesson duty this summer since I am big and pregnant. :) 

Because it was the last swim lesson, the water babies got to ride on Tommy the Turtle after class.  One of the highlights each year!

Hannah and her certificate.  She was pretty proud of herself!

Saturday afternoon Hannah and I went to a friend's birthday party at the splash park.  Hannah and Caeden love each other so it was fun to celebrate with friends we don't see often. 

It was a pirate theme party and Hannah loved all the pirate things she got as favors, including this mask. Ha!

Sunday evening we got to celebrate another little friend's birthday with a pool party.  Addison is so precious and we had a blast celebrating her!  Addison's mommy and daddy are in our small group so it was a fun social thing for the parents too. :)

All the kiddos snacking...including chowing down on the YUMMY cookies from Holly!

Hannah could not finish her snacks quick enough to get outside in the pool!

The kids were literally RACING to get to this blow up toy!  It was actually a basketball goal but the kids would cram themselves inside as tight as possible and basically would drag each other around the pool.  We all laughed pretty hard watching it all happen!

It was a fun weekend and we are thankful for sweet friends to enjoy water festivities with to keep cool!  We look forward to more play time in the water before school starts in just two weeks!

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