August 19, 2012

prepping for preschool

So even in the midst of all the medical craziness my family has been dealing with this week, I have been trying hard to keep a normal schedule and get Hannah ready for preschool.  We've had lots of fun getting her ready and I hope that when tomorrow morning rolls around, we are all ready for a fun school year!

Preparing for preschool has been way more time consuming and tedious than I thought.  Hannah needed a new wardrobe for school since she has to wear a "uniform", basically a polo shirt with khakis or navy bottoms, new shoes, hair cut, school supplies and, of course, a pedicure. (Ok, maybe that wasn't "needed" but it was fun after the crazy week we had!)

We started our preschool prep by shoe and clothes shopping with Mimi one day at the mall.  Hannah was ALL about the sparkly sandals, although these don't make the "school-approved" cut. :)

Next on the list was a haircut.  I love Hannah's hair and didn't want to cut it but to keep the sanity of getting ready each morning, I knew it needed to be shorter so it was a little more manageable.  After a 2-3 inch cut, it turned out pretty cute and will make our mornings MUCH better as she gets ready for school.

Then it was on to school supply shopping.  The list was pretty extensive for a 2-day preschool but Hannah loved getting to pick out her supplies. 

 It was a little stressful and exhausting for this pregnant momma running to a few different stores to get all the correct things she needs so after all the supplies were purchased, we had a little treat to celebrate. Thank you Chick-fil-A for peach milkshakes and warm chocolate chunk cookies. ;)

Friday morning, we met Hannah's teacher and saw her classroom.  It is surreal that tomorrow morning I will bring my sweet baby to school for someone else to take care of for 7 hours each Monday and Tuesday.  I know this is where Hannah is supposed to be and I know this will be a great thing for her but my momma heart isn't quite ready for her to grow up.  I know the Lord has great plans for her and I truly am excited to see what this years brings and how Hannah grows up even more.

Friday afternoon, I took Hannah for her pedicure. She LOVED it and has spent most of the weekend showing off her hot pink toes to anyone who will look. :)

Today we did our last minute things like grocery shopping for food for her lunches.  Hannah may be the pickiest eater every so I'm going to have to get creative with lunches.  Any suggestions are welcome! But she had fun picking out some new food that hopefully she'll try if her friends around her are eating something similar or if she is hungry enough by the lunch time.

We also went to Build-A-Bear so Hannah could get a new stuffed animal for naptime at school.  Not that she doesn't have about 15 that she sleeps with every night already but I thought a special one just for school would prevent meltdowns during naptime at school or bedtime at home.

We ended the night with some Bible stories and praying for Hannah's first year of preschool.  It does bring tears to my eyes thinking about my baby growing up but I know that God has great things planned for this year and I'm excited for all the new things Hannah will learn!


  1. She will LOVE preschool! It's always a hard thing to watch them grow up a little more each day, and preschool is a big step. But it's also so empowering to them. You will love having that time these last few weeks before Olivia comes, and once she's here you'll cherish that time with just you and the baby. Take some cute pictures of her first day! Love you all!

  2. Cute, cute! Hope she (and you) has a great first day!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! Looks like Hannah has everything she needs for success at Preschool! AND I love her hair cut!

    Praying for your family too!