August 29, 2012

NICU day 7--happy one week, Olivia!

Today was a great day for Olivia!  Her abnormal brain activities have basically ceased and though she remains somewhat sedated from the medications yesterday, we saw a glimpse of her normal sleeping patterns and it was the most precious thing I have ever seen.  The girl squirms a lot in her sleep and her little tongue hangs out but I could just watch her forever.

The nurse closed her bed tonight because Olivia appears to be very sensitive to sounds. This is encouraging to me because that is hopefully not a part of her brain that was injured. It is weird seeing her in a box but it will also help with her learning to regulate her own body temperature. It is a good thing but different after having her in the open for the past week. Olivia also began "eating" today and has responded well to that change. The gut is normally the last thing to "wake up" so this is a big milestone for us! I am pumping at home (not a fun experience!) and she will be fed through a feeding tube until she can begin showing signs of a good sucking reflex, hopefully in the next week we can try a bottle!

It is also so hard to believe that Olivia is already one week old!  The past week has been the hardest of my life and probably the longest but also the most rewarding.  I have never seen the hand of God be more evident in our lives through prayer and others as I have this week.  We are daily blessed with all sorts of help from family and friends.  I have never felt more loved and been so humbled by the body of Christ.  Also, I have never been more impressed with a doctor as I have with the doctor who delivered Olivia.  He visits her in the NICU twice a day and just talks to her and checks with the NICU doctor on her progress.  God knew exactly who needed to deliver our miracle baby one week ago and we are forever in debt to him and how much he cares for our baby.


  1. Stacey I had NO idea that you had delivered! Praying for sweet Olivia and for you guys!

  2. thanks Lindsey! we definitely appreciate the prayers!