August 29, 2012

NICU day 6

Tuesday was definitely a set back day for Olivia.  She continued to have seizures through the night Monday and early Tuesday morning, at the rate of about one an hour.  Since the abnormal brain activity is so consistent, the doctor is giving her a much stronger anti-seizure medicine which basically made her comatose so the vent has to go back in.  It was a very heart-breaking morning for us.  She also has four brain probes in which are constantly monitoring her brain activity.
They did completely remove the cooling blanket so we are able to see her precious little body.  The teddy bear "sticker" is her thermometer so the nurse still knows at all times what her body temperature is.

On Monday, the doctor ordered another EEG because of all her seizure-like activity and we got the results on Tuesday afternoon from Children's in Little Rock.  The neurologist there doesn't believe that all the abnormal brain activity the doctor here is witnessing are actual seizures.  The neuro in LR believes that Olivia has a mild-moderate brain injury and that is causing all the abnormal activity.  However, we have no idea where or to what extent this injury is in her brain and we won't know until she has an MRI, hopefully early next week.  Until then, there are a lot of unknowns and a lot more waiting.

Also, a little update on Hannah:  Hannah really struggled with us coming home.  She was very confused why Olivia wasn't with us but not in my tummy anymore.  I can't imagine what must be going through her little 3 year old brain.  She did go back to preschool on Tuesday and I am so thankful for her teacher and the patience the school has had with us as we figure out a new normal for our family while Olivia is in the NICU.  We know each day with Hannah will get easier but it sure is difficult for this momma wanting to be in two places at once.  I'll be SO glad when both my babies are happy, adjusted and home.

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