August 28, 2012

NICU day 3

Saturday was full of family time and I loved it!  Family from Dallas and Fort Smith all came to visit us and it was great seeing everyone we love so very much at once.  Funny story: my family was planning a surprise baby shower at my parent's house for Saturday night and since that didn't go as planned, they brought the party to my hospital room....complete with yummy petit fors! :)
Saturday night, Jason and I were able to enjoy some "us" time.  I was technically discharged from the hospital and unhooked from all IVs so we took advantage of that and had no visitors just so we could process everything together and spend some time in prayer.  We also were able to spend some good time with Olivia before they began the warming up process at 10:30pm. 
This is one of the sweetest moments with Olivia so far.  As we were talking to her and praying over her, she grasped my finger and then Jason's and looked at each of us as we talked.  It was perfect.

Saturday night I was able to "meet" my ER nurse Angie.  She took great care of me from the moment we got to the ER through the C-section and into recovery.  She was with me every step of the way and kept me as calm as possible during the most crazy, traumatic time of my life.  She is my hero and I am SO thankful God put her in the ER on Wednesday night.

Sunday and Monday would tell us a lot about how Olivia's body is responding to being warm and we would learn more about her future prognosis once the warming process was completed.

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