August 28, 2012

NICU day 1

Trying to get all caught up just so we have a record of what Olivia has been through and the miracles we have seen God's hand on since the beginning...

Thursday was honestly a blur to me.  I was still pretty out of it from surgery and my iron was WAY low from all the blood loss during surgery so I now know I was not feeling well at all even though I really thought I was.  But Thursday was a day full of information about me and about Olivia.  We (well mainly me because Jason heard all this right after the C-section from Dr. Terry and Dr. Duke) learned that I had a total placental abruption.  Basically, my entire placenta ripped away from my uterus and Olivia was in distress.  Because of this, Olivia's heart rate dramatically dropped and she went without oxygen for a period of time.  How long we aren't sure but the doctors are guessing around 10 minutes.  Praise the Lord that my doctors were absolutely amazing and got Olivia out in 12 minutes once we were in the OR.  Her delivery is a miracle in and of itself and I don't want to forget that.

Jason and I met with Dr. Lin in the NICU basically first thing Thursday morning to try and get as much information as possible about what was going on with Olivia. This is what we learned Thursday: Olivia was wrapped in a cooling blanket to keep her body temperature at 93 degrees...this helps to decrease any brain swelling, if there is any, and prevent as much brain damage as possible. She will be wrapped in this for 72 hours and then they will begin to warm her back up. She is also on a vent to help with breathing and has several other tubes all over to help with feeding, drawing blood when needed and maintaining body temperature. It was overwhelming to see her connected to so many things but we know that all these machines and tubes will help our miracle baby recover.

Olivia had an EEG so the NICU doctor could initially assess the damage.  Fortunately, he didn't see anything too concerning so he will proceed with treatment as planned with the cooling blanket and then make more decisions this weekend after her body temperature is warmed back up.  (The red marks on her forehead are from the EEG.)

We've had lots of visitors in and out and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family.  However, if you visited on Thursday, I may not remember and I apologize.  I realize now that I was feeling pretty awful and was still pretty drugged which makes me not remember a lot of what happened.  I did have a blood transfusion Thursday afternoon/evening and that made everything SO much better!  So thankful for modern medicine!!

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