August 21, 2012

first day (week) of pre-k!

Hannah just finished her first two days of Pre-K 3 and I couldn't be more proud of her!  This is Hannah's first school experience....she's never been in a kid's day out program and has always just stayed with me or my mom so I wasn't too sure how this week would go but she did awesome!  She loves school and I am SO thankful for that!

The first day was really exciting and she was ready!

She looks SO tiny with her big backpack and lunchbox!

With Daddy

With Mommy (and getting tired of pictures!)

Fortunately, Jason was able to go with me to take Hannah on her first morning.  I think she liked that!

Once we got to her room, she barely looked at us.  She found her spot and sat right down to color.  We practically had to beg for a hug and kiss!  We had prayed that it would be an easy drop-off without tears but this momma needed a good hug and kiss before saying goodbye! :)

 Even though Hannah didn't have any tears, I sure did!  I was doing okay until we pulled out of the parking lot.  It was a surreal feeling not having her in the care and going home to a QUIET and empty house.  I kept myself busy cleaning, running some errands and going to the doctor for my 34 week checkup.  Thankfully, I'll only have few more weeks of this time alone and then Olivia will be keeping me busy while Hannah is at school!  So I am trying to soak up this alone time and checking things off my to do list!

After school, Hannah and I got cupcakes to celebrate a great first day of preschool!  She was full of stories and I loved every second of it!

Preschool absolutely wore this girl out!  She was sound asleep within 5 minutes of being in bed!

Day 2 was a little harder for Hannah.  She did great at drop-off and seemed excited for another day but I got a phone call from the school right after lunch that she was having a rough morning and didn't eat too much of her lunch.  It broke my heart to hear that she was having a hard time at school so I made her some chocolate chip cookies for an after school snack in hopes that the day would end better! Doesn't chocolate fix anything for any girl, no matter how old you are?!? ;) 

Once I got to school to pick her up, she said she missed me and cried a little but really had a great day!  The teacher said there were no more tears after lunch and everything ended great!  I was so relieved!  And this little girl was pretty excited about the cookies!

And she was really excited to show me all the fun things she did at school this week once we got home.

I'm SO thankful she had a great week at school but I am looking forward to being home with her for the next 5 days since her preschool is only 2 days a week.  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for Hannah this year!  I know it is going to be great!

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  1. Precious memories! Precious girl! Precious family! I cannot wait to see all of you this weekend! Love, Aunt Kim (SargentMommy to the boys!!!)