July 23, 2012

weekend with khaki and grandpa

This weekend, we headed to Branson with Jason's family for some family time and fun. 

On our way, Lynlee called Hannah to check on us.  It was the sweetest thing ever!
We arrived Friday afternoon and immediately hit the pool with Khaki and Lynlee.  Lynlee and Hannah are only 4 months apart so they have the best time together!

The girls played with the shower by the pool as much as they spent time in the pool.  Ha!

Since this weekend was also Jason's birthday so we were able to get away for a little dinner date Friday night.  We went to Cantina Laredo at The Landing.  It is one of our favorites so it was a perfect date to celebrate Jason.
When we got back from dinner, Jason's mom had a cake for Jason and Ryan since their birthdays are only 3 days apart.

After cake, it was bathtime for these three cuties.  I am so thankful Hannah (and Olivia) have girl cousins close in age.  It will always make Kaundart family get-togethers super fun for our girls.

Saturday morning we got up and went to Silver Dollar City before it got too hot.  Hannah requested this photo with Daddy as we entered.  This girl loves her Daddy!

And Hannah wanted a picture at EVERY nursery rhyme sign.  We finally persuaded her to move on and head to the kid's play area and start riding some rides!

Jason and Khaki were the lucky ones who got to ride the rides with Hannah and Lynlee.  Everyone had lots of fun....including Grandpa and I as we watched the craziness of each spinning and flying ride!

After all the rides and hours in the sun, we stopped for a Dippin' Dots break.

After ice cream, we decided it was time to head back to the cabin we were staying at for some lunch and pool time.  These red-faced cuties were troopers in the heat and were still smiling on the train back to the car.

Sweet cousin friends walking to the pool. (This was also right before they both fell and hit their noses on the concrete curb. :(

Hannah and Lynlee spent a good hour jumping in the pool to Jason.  He definitely got a work out from these girls in the pool.  Just a little glimpse into the change our lives are about to take. :)

Saturday night we continued to celebrate Jason's birthday and Ryan gave Jason this funny shirt for a birthday present.  It definitely made us all laugh! (The shirt says "My Brother is the MAC to my CHEESE)

We went to dinner with Jason's parents and all the little girls.  It was pretty chaotic so I didn't get any pictures but did get this one with my sweet Hannah after dinner.

Back at the cabin after dinner, we sang and had cupcakes.  The little girls "helped" Jason blow out his candles.
And then the little girls helped eat the cupcakes too! (Find the recipe for these yummy cupcakes here!)

Hannah finished the weekend playing doctor with Grandpa Wyatt and making sure he was ok after a crazy night at dinner.  

It was a great weekend with Jason's family!  I am so thankful Hannah has cousins to grow up and play with and I know she had lots of fun this weekend!


  1. Hey Stacey! Cute blog. I know Jason from a past life, although I'm not sure if he is still at the NWABJ?

    Anyway - I'm not sure if you're on Twitter but we'd love to have you join us tonight for the Arkansas Women Bloggers Twitter party at 8p! http://twvt.us/awbu12

    And, the AWB Conference is coming up in one month if you can join us (not sure when you're due!!) www.ArkansasWomenBloggers.com

    Hope all is going well for you in your pregnancy!


  2. Hey Bethany! So fun that you know Jason...he isn't at the Business Journal anymore. He is currently working for American National Insurance in Springdale.

    I've heard about the conference and would LOVE to attend but unfortunately will only be about 3 weeks away from delivery so hopefully I can join in the conference fun next year!

    Thanks for commenting/connecting!

  3. hey stacey! CUTE blog! looks like you are enjoying mommyhood!! great to see you at cb, too! have a wonderful week.

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