July 30, 2012

weekend fun

We had a low-key, productive and fun weekend!  It was basically the last weekend of no birthday parties, baby showers or other plans so we took full advantage of enjoying the Olympics, resting and getting the nursery ready for Olivia!

Our weekend started with the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Friday night.  I am obsessed love the Olympics, especially the Summer Olympics.  Jason didn't know what he was getting himself into when we got married. :)  And, in attempting to pass on my obsession love for the Olympics, Hannah and I made cookies in celebration of the USA!

My sweet loves enjoying enduring the Opening Ceremony.  I think they both lost interest pretty quickly after this!

 Hannah did enjoy some of the music and was up dancing with the performers.

 But lost interest in that too and opted for Netflix on the iPad.

Saturday morning Hannah had another swim lesson.

The class got to go down the slide and Hannah loved it!

After swim lessons, my parents came over to work on Olivia's nursery.  Jason and my Dad, with Hannah's help, spent the afternoon painting.  My Mom and I spent the afternoon sorting through baby clothes.  It was so fun and made this whole thing real.  It's hard to believe we will be welcoming Olivia to this family in about 2 months!

We ended our weekend Sunday night with dinner with friends.  These two had other plans that were more fun than watching Olympics.  I'm positive every toy Hannah has was on her floor.  Ha!  But the kiddos had fun playing and the adults had some good conversation catching up....it was a win-win for everyone even with the huge mess!

It was a fun, semi-relaxing weekend and now we prepare for the true crazy, busyness of our fall schedule but also the excitement of welcoming a new little one into our family!

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