July 6, 2012

silver dollar city

Jason took an extra day off work this week so we could take Hannah to Silver Dollar City...it was her (and Jason's) first time and we had a blast!  My parents and my sister went with us so that made it even more special and fun!

Hannah rode her first roller coaster with Dean-Dean and LOVED it!  The girl would've ridden these crazy rides all day if we would've let her!

Dumbo ride with MiMi

Hannah's ride buddies for the day :)

This picture just makes me laugh...Hannah is so little that it looks like my Dad and Jason were on this kiddie ride together! Ha!

LOVE this!  Getting Dean-Dean in the ball pit.

Dean-Dean teaching Hannah to get Daddy back on the splash pad.

It was also Kid's Fest at Silver Dollar City and the Backyardigans made an appearance.  Hannah told us this was her favorite part of the day. :)

Train ride!

Carousel with KiKi and Mommy.  It was quite the workout for this preggo to hop up on this ride but totally worth it for my sweet girl!

Family picture

Because it was Kid's Fest there were lots of little tables near the entrance with all sorts of toys like Legos.  Hannah's favorite was the musical instruments table.  Girl loves her some music!

We finished the day with an ice cream snack.  Dippin' Dots is Hannah's favorite!

 Hannah was such a trooper in the heat and basically skipping naptime.  It was a super fun family day and we can't wait to go back to Silver Dollar City soon!

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