July 8, 2012

rodeo of the ozarks

Every year around the 4th of July, the rodeo comes to town so Saturday night we went to the Rodeo of the Ozarks and had so much fun!

Hannah thought it was a time to eat basically whatever she wanted so her dinner consisted of nacho tortilla chips and ice cream.  Parent fail, I know, but she was happy! :)

Hannah and Dean-Dean bonded during the rodeo.  This was her favorite seat!

Horrible quality but this was Hannah's favorite part of the rodeo: the Rodeo Rounders...basically girls riding horses to pop music....much like a half-time performance at games.  It was really fun to watch and Hannah told me she could do that one day. :)

 My sweet girl

Too funny not to post....these two definitely make me laugh...A LOT!

It was a super fun family night and we look forward to the rodeo again next year!

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