July 31, 2012

perfect monday

Monday was a great day around the Kaundart house!  The only not-so-perfect part of the day was at 8am when I had to take Hannah to get a couple of shots but that was over by 8:30 and the day went uphill from there!

After shots, I took Hannah to Rick's for a little treat.  Yes, she had an iced cookie (with extra frosting) for breakfast but after the tears getting shots, I couldn't tell her no. :)

I also went to the doctor for my 31 week checkup and had a great report!  I was super happy because last appointment my blood pressure was borderline high.  But it was low, Olivia's heartbeat was great and my measurements are right on track.  Then, we scheduled my C-section.  WHAT?!?  Yes, we now know that on Thursday, September 20 (unless Olivia has other plans) we will be welcoming this sweet girl into our crazy family!  Actually having a date makes this whole thing so much more real!  As excited as we are to meet Baby Girl, I am also a little anxious now knowing that in SEVEN short weeks she will be here!  I have A LOT to do.....

So first thing on that to do list was to actually register for baby stuff.  I didn't have a true baby shower with Hannah because of how everything happened so we are missing a lot of the essentials!  Jason and I had a quick dinner date and then headed to Target to register!

He took it pretty seriously.  I think he's just as excited as I am about all the pink that will be entering our home in the next few months. ;)

Until we got to the feeding section of the registry.....this is what happened with the breast pumps.  Ha!

After registering, we grabbed a cupcake from Bliss and headed home to watch the Olympics.  Perfect ending to our date night and a great Monday!

It was a perfect day and now we are counting down the days until Olivia joins us and enjoying time with Hannah as much as possible in the next two months!

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