July 15, 2012

our weekend

We had a much needed, relaxing weekend.  We only had a few obligations but made sure we had plenty of family time!  I think it is starting to sink in that we only have about 2 more months with just Hannah before Olivia arrives so I want to be really intentional with our family time when we can and make the most of the time we have just the 3 of us!

We started the weekend with swim lessons for Hannah.  This was actually our second week and Hannah LOVES it!  Jason willingly graciously obliged to take over swim lesson duty this year since I'm not quite feeling myself these days. :)  But it has been super fun for Hannah and Jason to do this together and I love getting to watch them each week!

Toy time after lessons is basically everyone's favortie part of the swim lesson hour :)

After swim lessons, we hit up Sonic...always a summer and Saturday favorite for all of us!

We spent most of the weekend outside playing and Hannah has become quite attached to her swim buoy anytime we are near water.  So sprinkler on = buoy needed. ;)

Jason spent some time grilling, which I always love because it means I don't have to do anything/much for dinner!

After dinner, we hit up Bliss for some yummy cupcakes!  This diva insisted on wearing her sunglasses at 8:30pm...we got several laughs but some battles just aren't worth fighting at the end of the day!

The laughs from others were totally worth the yumminess of our cupcakes!

We ended our weekend with an early birthday surprise for Jason.  Hannah was excited to surprise Daddy!

 And Jason was surprised by the gift!  Duck Dynasty Season 1.  We immediately opened it up and started watching!  We LOVE this show and cannot control our laughter anytime it is on! (Another reason we are excited about getting cable again in the fall...Season 2!)

It was a great weekend....just what we all needed!  Especially with the weeks of busyness and craziness we have coming up preparing for Olivia's arrival and trying to squeeze in some family time, time with friends and a few weekend trips away!  Lots of fun still to come this summer!!

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