July 18, 2012

lifelong friends

This past week, I had the chance to see some of my best and longest friends from junior high and high school.  Growing up, there were six of us that were super close all through high school but college and marriage took us in different directions.  But the fun part is that all of our families still live in NWA so we try to get together anytime someone comes into town...usually during the holidays and summer months.  What's even more fun is that we are all (or almost!) mommas to some pretty sweet and cute little ones!  Though our time together has definitely changed in the past few years, it is so fun that we are able to catch up right where we left off as if we don't live hours away from each other!

Hannah had a blast entertaining the babies of the group.  She sang songs to sweet Charlotte and Amelia.  (Fun note about Charlotte's and Amelia's mommas is that we have been friends since we were four!  We were neighbors for years and have remained close ever since! And unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of/with them....life gets a lot busier during lunch with little ones! :))

Hannah also tried out the CFA Chocolate Chunk Cookie and she was in heaven! 
  It must've been good because this was all I saw of it after we got home...

Hannah also enjoyed getting to play with Jenna since they are only about a year apart.  It was really fun watching them play together.  I wish Jenna's momma lived closer because Hannah loves her as much as she loves Jenna!

I loved listening to their little conversation during lunch.  So precious!

Sweet Melanie...such a momma to all our kiddos! (And yes we pacified our girls with iPhones so we could sneak in a few more minutes of momma talk :))

I think this was the point the girls were tired, not necessarily of each other, but being at Chickfila and dealing with the wild kids in the play area.  But I do love the looks they are giving each other.  Ha!  They did hug when we all left and Hannah continues to talk about Jenna so I know they like each other. :)

I love these precious kiddos and their mommas SO much!  I am so thankful for friendships that have lasted for years and will continue to last many, many more.  I pray that Hannah will have lifelong friends like this one day...in the meantime, I pray she will develop friendships with these sweet little girls so the mommas can get together and play too! :)

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  1. Love your new blog layout! Good to get together with friends like that. I have several and love every minute when we do, even when it isn't that often.