July 17, 2012

fun monday

I had a random doctor appointment Monday afternoon to check on some medication my doctor prescribed last week so Hannah was going to spend the afternoon with my parents while I was at the doctor.  On the way to my parents' house, Hannah and I stopped at Crystal Bridges for the monthly preschool playdate they have.  There are tons of activities for little ones, including their own art projects and an art "tour" in the gallery.

Balance beams:
 Ribbon dancing:

 Marble painting:

Tape art:

Gallery tour learning about lines:
It was a fun morning and I look forward to taking Hannah back again soon!

After Crystal Bridges, I dropped Hannah off with my parents and headed to the doctor.  I thought this would be a quick, easy appointment but it took a little different turn.  My blood pressure had spiked from last week which is causing a little worry around our house right now.  My doctor didn't limit my activity or restrict my diet just yet but I do have to take it easier than I have been and just really be in tune to what my body is telling me.

I was kinda in shock when I left the doctor because I have been feeling fine minus some feet swelling and just general aches/pains of pregnancy.  Knowing that I need to be a little more careful, I went straight to Walmart to gather some high protein/low sodium foods to try out this week.  I don't go back to the doctor for 2 weeks unless something crazy happens...praying against that for sure!  I came home and rested until Jason and Hannah got home and we enjoyed some time together.

I am so thankful for a family who is willing to drop everything and help us out!  It was a huge blessing not to worry about Hannah and I know that my mom and mother-in-law would do anything to make this an easy third trimester and prevent bedrest/early labor.  Not to mention, Jason basically puts me on "bedrest" as soon as he gets home from work.  He takes care of the house, Hannah and me.  I'm very blessed.  So for now, I'm resting when I can, trying not to worry and praying against any more complications/extra doctor appointments.

My loves reading books before bed:

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