July 29, 2012


Now, this isn't your typical post on adoption but it's our story and I want to share it to complete what I shared with the blog world earlier this summer.  Jason and I have officially adopted Hannah and we couldn't be more excited!  If you will recall our family story, Hannah is not legally a Kaundart.  But all that has changed.  This past February, we stood before our families, the judge and our lawyer and legally became Hannah's parents.  She is now Hannah Faye Kaundart.  Even though she is always been that to our family and friends, she is now that to the government. :)

With the Judge:

With our parents:

With our amazing lawyer, Mr. Gene Kelley:

The whole adoption process was wonderful.  Everyone that we worked with were amazing and so supportive.  It is truly a God thing the way everything worked out so perfectly and and we are excited for this new chapter.

Fun side note: We also got confirmation this day that we were indeed pregnant with Baby Kaundart #2.  My sweet husband became a daddy of two on the same day! :)

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