July 10, 2012

28 weeks

I had a doctor appointment this week and things are looking great!  I am so relieved because at 20 weeks, the ultrasound showed that my placenta was pretty low and already pressing on my cervix so when the ultrasound tech told us today that the placenta had completely moved and everything is exactly where it should be, I definitely breathed a sigh of relief!  It was fun getting to see sweet Olivia again...even if she was super uncooperative on letting us see her!  Ha!  We also learned that her head is currently placed directly between my ribs, which explains why I can't breathe about 90% of the time these days and her feet are conveniently located directly on my bladder.  Thank you, sweet girl. :)

The only real "problem" I've been having the past few weeks as been terrible heartburn/reflux.  My doctor put me on some stronger prescription medication so I'm praying that helps.  The heartburn is almost unbearable at night when I lay down and I've even woken up from it in the night so I'm hoping for some good rest once this prescription kicks in!

Olivia currently weights 2lbs 7oz and we are pretty much on track for my due date of September 29, even though technically I'm about 1/2 week behind, my doctor isn't changing anything just yet.  Praise the Lord because I'm already super anxious and ready to meet this sweet little one!

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