July 31, 2012

perfect monday

Monday was a great day around the Kaundart house!  The only not-so-perfect part of the day was at 8am when I had to take Hannah to get a couple of shots but that was over by 8:30 and the day went uphill from there!

After shots, I took Hannah to Rick's for a little treat.  Yes, she had an iced cookie (with extra frosting) for breakfast but after the tears getting shots, I couldn't tell her no. :)

I also went to the doctor for my 31 week checkup and had a great report!  I was super happy because last appointment my blood pressure was borderline high.  But it was low, Olivia's heartbeat was great and my measurements are right on track.  Then, we scheduled my C-section.  WHAT?!?  Yes, we now know that on Thursday, September 20 (unless Olivia has other plans) we will be welcoming this sweet girl into our crazy family!  Actually having a date makes this whole thing so much more real!  As excited as we are to meet Baby Girl, I am also a little anxious now knowing that in SEVEN short weeks she will be here!  I have A LOT to do.....

So first thing on that to do list was to actually register for baby stuff.  I didn't have a true baby shower with Hannah because of how everything happened so we are missing a lot of the essentials!  Jason and I had a quick dinner date and then headed to Target to register!

He took it pretty seriously.  I think he's just as excited as I am about all the pink that will be entering our home in the next few months. ;)

Until we got to the feeding section of the registry.....this is what happened with the breast pumps.  Ha!

After registering, we grabbed a cupcake from Bliss and headed home to watch the Olympics.  Perfect ending to our date night and a great Monday!

It was a perfect day and now we are counting down the days until Olivia joins us and enjoying time with Hannah as much as possible in the next two months!

July 30, 2012

weekend fun

We had a low-key, productive and fun weekend!  It was basically the last weekend of no birthday parties, baby showers or other plans so we took full advantage of enjoying the Olympics, resting and getting the nursery ready for Olivia!

Our weekend started with the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Friday night.  I am obsessed love the Olympics, especially the Summer Olympics.  Jason didn't know what he was getting himself into when we got married. :)  And, in attempting to pass on my obsession love for the Olympics, Hannah and I made cookies in celebration of the USA!

My sweet loves enjoying enduring the Opening Ceremony.  I think they both lost interest pretty quickly after this!

 Hannah did enjoy some of the music and was up dancing with the performers.

 But lost interest in that too and opted for Netflix on the iPad.

Saturday morning Hannah had another swim lesson.

The class got to go down the slide and Hannah loved it!

After swim lessons, my parents came over to work on Olivia's nursery.  Jason and my Dad, with Hannah's help, spent the afternoon painting.  My Mom and I spent the afternoon sorting through baby clothes.  It was so fun and made this whole thing real.  It's hard to believe we will be welcoming Olivia to this family in about 2 months!

We ended our weekend Sunday night with dinner with friends.  These two had other plans that were more fun than watching Olympics.  I'm positive every toy Hannah has was on her floor.  Ha!  But the kiddos had fun playing and the adults had some good conversation catching up....it was a win-win for everyone even with the huge mess!

It was a fun, semi-relaxing weekend and now we prepare for the true crazy, busyness of our fall schedule but also the excitement of welcoming a new little one into our family!

July 29, 2012


Now, this isn't your typical post on adoption but it's our story and I want to share it to complete what I shared with the blog world earlier this summer.  Jason and I have officially adopted Hannah and we couldn't be more excited!  If you will recall our family story, Hannah is not legally a Kaundart.  But all that has changed.  This past February, we stood before our families, the judge and our lawyer and legally became Hannah's parents.  She is now Hannah Faye Kaundart.  Even though she is always been that to our family and friends, she is now that to the government. :)

With the Judge:

With our parents:

With our amazing lawyer, Mr. Gene Kelley:

The whole adoption process was wonderful.  Everyone that we worked with were amazing and so supportive.  It is truly a God thing the way everything worked out so perfectly and and we are excited for this new chapter.

Fun side note: We also got confirmation this day that we were indeed pregnant with Baby Kaundart #2.  My sweet husband became a daddy of two on the same day! :)

July 26, 2012

beating the heat

So the past few weeks have been beyond HOT and I've had to be super creative with things to do INSIDE to keep Hannah busy, me sane and both of us cool! Fortunately, we live in a place where there are lots of things to do when it's too hot to be outside for an extended amount of time.  Here's a little catch up of what we've been doing to beat the heat.

Trips to the library:

Playing with friends at Boingo Bounce:

Trips to the mall and play area:

Baking with Mommy:

LOTS of reading, stickers and board games:

And obviously you can't keep a 3-year-old inside all the time so when we are outside, our activities involve cold snacks and water.
Swimming at MiMi and Dean-Dean's:

Playing in the blowup pool in our backyard with a popsicle, of course:

Sno cones, LOTS of sno cones:

We're doing our best to keep cool and still have fun!  And PRAISE THE LORD it rained today so hopefully some "cooler" weather is around the corner but the forecast isn't looking too promising for that just yet.  But I will take the rain whenever we can get it....even if it is just temporary relief for the day!

July 23, 2012

weekend with khaki and grandpa

This weekend, we headed to Branson with Jason's family for some family time and fun. 

On our way, Lynlee called Hannah to check on us.  It was the sweetest thing ever!
We arrived Friday afternoon and immediately hit the pool with Khaki and Lynlee.  Lynlee and Hannah are only 4 months apart so they have the best time together!

The girls played with the shower by the pool as much as they spent time in the pool.  Ha!

Since this weekend was also Jason's birthday so we were able to get away for a little dinner date Friday night.  We went to Cantina Laredo at The Landing.  It is one of our favorites so it was a perfect date to celebrate Jason.
When we got back from dinner, Jason's mom had a cake for Jason and Ryan since their birthdays are only 3 days apart.

After cake, it was bathtime for these three cuties.  I am so thankful Hannah (and Olivia) have girl cousins close in age.  It will always make Kaundart family get-togethers super fun for our girls.

Saturday morning we got up and went to Silver Dollar City before it got too hot.  Hannah requested this photo with Daddy as we entered.  This girl loves her Daddy!

And Hannah wanted a picture at EVERY nursery rhyme sign.  We finally persuaded her to move on and head to the kid's play area and start riding some rides!

Jason and Khaki were the lucky ones who got to ride the rides with Hannah and Lynlee.  Everyone had lots of fun....including Grandpa and I as we watched the craziness of each spinning and flying ride!

After all the rides and hours in the sun, we stopped for a Dippin' Dots break.

After ice cream, we decided it was time to head back to the cabin we were staying at for some lunch and pool time.  These red-faced cuties were troopers in the heat and were still smiling on the train back to the car.

Sweet cousin friends walking to the pool. (This was also right before they both fell and hit their noses on the concrete curb. :(

Hannah and Lynlee spent a good hour jumping in the pool to Jason.  He definitely got a work out from these girls in the pool.  Just a little glimpse into the change our lives are about to take. :)

Saturday night we continued to celebrate Jason's birthday and Ryan gave Jason this funny shirt for a birthday present.  It definitely made us all laugh! (The shirt says "My Brother is the MAC to my CHEESE)

We went to dinner with Jason's parents and all the little girls.  It was pretty chaotic so I didn't get any pictures but did get this one with my sweet Hannah after dinner.

Back at the cabin after dinner, we sang and had cupcakes.  The little girls "helped" Jason blow out his candles.
And then the little girls helped eat the cupcakes too! (Find the recipe for these yummy cupcakes here!)

Hannah finished the weekend playing doctor with Grandpa Wyatt and making sure he was ok after a crazy night at dinner.  

It was a great weekend with Jason's family!  I am so thankful Hannah has cousins to grow up and play with and I know she had lots of fun this weekend!