June 10, 2012

wedding bells

Saturday was the big day for Shelley and I couldn't have been more excited for her!  She has waited for the perfect man to be her husband and Jeremy is just that!  God brought the most perfect couple together and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking how amazing it is!

Me and the soon-to-be Mrs. at the rehearsal dinner Friday night

Shelley and Jeremy got married on his family's farm in Springdale.  It was a beautiful place to get married and so fitting for this outdoors couple!  The parking, however, was far away from the actual ceremony site so they used golf carts to take guests to and from their cars.  This is also how the bridesmaids got around before the pictures began!

Adriane and I were the two preggo bridesmaids.  We are both expecting girls and I can't wait to meet her sweet little one who will be here the beginning of July!

Seriously, could this girl be a prettier bride?!?  And absolutely glowing with happiness! LOVE her!

This little munchkin didn't understand much about the wedding but she definitely understood what to do when the music kicked on!  She spent a good 20 minutes on the dance floor all alone and couldn't have been happier! Ha!

Mrs. Shelley Gregory!  Right before she left...

My hot date for the wedding :)
(excuse the horrible glare of lights and bad quality iphone picture)

It was a super fun weekend celebrating Shelley and Jeremy.  I was incredibly exhausted after 3 straight days of celebrating, decorating and preparing but I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

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