June 14, 2012

princess ballet camp

This past week, Hannah spent three of her mornings at a Princess Ballet Camp.  To say she enjoyed it would be an understatement!  The girl LOVED getting dressed up as a princess each morning then spending time dancing, playing and laughing with other little friends.  It was SO weird dropping her off at "camp" each morning...she just doesn't seem old enough for that yet!  (I may or may not have teared up the first morning after leaving her at the dance studio.) But I knew she was loving every second so that made it worth it.

The first day, Hannah was Rapunzel.  They spent time coloring princess pictures and playing princess games.

The second day, Hannah was a Dora princess.  They spent their morning at camp getting their little fingernails painted and getting princess tatoos.

The third day, Hannah was Snow White.  They started their morning with a tea party and ended the day becoming a real princess...crown and all.

All the little princesses...

Miss Bethany was a wonderful teacher!  She was SO patient working with all these crazy cute 3 year olds! :)

And just because this picture makes me laugh...
I don't think THIS was part of "princess training"! :)

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