June 3, 2012

first dance recital

This weekend we had Hannah's first dance recital.  And it was SO fun!  All the women in my family have been dancers so it is exciting to watch Hannah carry on this tradition!  She had the CUTEST bunny costume, the best teacher and the sweetest little friends in her class this year.

We started off the week with a rehearsal on the big stage so all the girls could get used to the lights and having an audience.  Hannah did great at the rehearsal and it definitely eased my mind about what would happen the night of the recital. :)

Friday was the big night and Hannah couldn't have been more excited!  She was mostly excited about all the makeup she was going to get to wear.  As precious as she was, it made me a bit sad looking at that little face covered in blue eye shadow, pink blush and red lipstick....she's just growing up way too fast!

 Precious little bunnies!

Waiting to go on stage...

I was backstage with Hannah so was just on the side of the stage during her performance and most of my pictures ended up blurry.  Fortunately, my sister was in the audience and got some super cute pictures of Hannah in action.

 This ending pose was HUGE to us....Hannah NEVER went to her spot to sit down during dance class or rehearsal.  We talked about it A LOT and she did it for the recital!  This was one proud momma!! :)
After her performance, Kristy got to come backstage with us before we went back out to watch more of the recital.

A lot of our family came to see Hannah dance which made the night that much better!  Their presence was deeply appreciated and they showered Hannah with gifts and flowers.  Hannah may want a dance recital every week just for the attention and gifts!  Ha!

After the recital, my family took Hannah to get some ice cream.  (Unfortunately, Jason's parents had to get back to Fort Smith but we were so thankful they got to see Hannah dance!)

It was a super fun night that none of us will forget anytime soon!  I am so thankful for such an amazing dance company for Hannah to be a part of and can't wait to see what the next 15 years (!) of dance holds for my sweet little bunny!

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