May 7, 2012


Saturday was crazy for our family but so much fun!  The day started off with me helping host a shower for one of my closest friends, Shelley.  She is getting married in June and I couldn't be more excited for her!

Shelley with all the shower hostesses

And with the bridesmaids at the shower

While I was at the shower, Jason and Hannah had a little play date at the school playground near our house.  Hannah LOVES the playground but with the heat we've had the last week, this pregnant momma can only take the heat/outdoors a little at time.

After the shower, I headed home for just a little bit to rest my feet, try to squeeze in a nap and get ready to go to a wedding for our friends Rachel and Zach.  It was a super fun wedding!  Jason and I got to catch up with lots of friends that we don't see nearly enough. 

There was photo booth that we took advantage of. Ha!

And, my favorite part of the reception....sno cones!  Shave the Planet had a stand at the reception and free sno cones for the night.  Sno cones have become somewhat of a pregnancy craving/obsession so I was in heaven! :)  It was a great idea for such a warm wedding weekend!

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