May 3, 2012


Here are just some random pictures from our life over the last few weeks....

I hosted a Matilda Jane party with some friends from church and got this super cute dress for Hannah.  I am seriously addicted to MJ clothes!  I would love to have a house full of girls just to dress them in MJ stuff! :)

While I was hosting the party, Jason and Hannah had a date at Chuck E Cheese.

We've been trying to go on nightly walks around our neighborhood and down a trail that is close to our house.  I have been having some pretty bad leg pain so this helps each night before I go to bed.  Hannah isn't super fond of the stroller right now so our walks take a little longer than usual but she is super cute walking down the trail by herself.

Hannah is all about her princess dress lately.  Seriously, the girl either has on this Rapunzel dress or pajamas.  For real.

Sno cones have also become part of our routine, especially on days that I am not working.  Hannah loves them and I am craving them like crazy so it's perfect for both of us! :)


Hope y'all are having a good week and enjoying some of this beautiful sunshine!

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