May 12, 2012

gender and name reveal

We found out this week at my 19 week appointment what Baby Kaundart is and we couldn't be more excited to share the news with family and friends this weekend!!  Tonight, we invited all of our parents for dinner and little gender reveal party.  Hannah was SO excited to have everyone here.... I'm pretty sure she thought the party was about her. :)

Hannah had the honor of opening the "present" to reveal baby's gender.

It's PINK!

Everyone was surprised and happy to be adding another little Kaundart girl to the family!

We also decided on a name for this sweet little girl: Olivia Ruth.  I'm not sure where Olivia came from, it's just been a name I've always liked and I think it fits well with Hannah.  As for Ruth, that comes from Jason's grandma.  Her first name is Ruth and we want to honor her with our daughter's middle name.  We also invited Grandma Ruth for the party because we wanted her to be a part of the big reveal since this baby is her namesake.  I think she was pretty happy.  We pray that Olivia Ruth will be just as amazing in her faith, strength and character that Grandma Ruth has displayed in her 84 years on this earth.

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  1. So so so happy for you guys! Love her name! It's beautiful and perfect!