May 29, 2012

our weekend

We had a super fun, yet relaxing, Memorial Day Weekend.  I couldn't be more thankful for the sweet time we had as a family and the fun times we had with friends.

Our weekend started with a little lunch/play date at Chickfila.  There are some friends in town from Georgia who we don't get to see too often so it was fun for Hannah to play with her friends and me to catch up with the mommas.

These are the sweet little faces that absolutely invaded the play area at Chickfila. Love all these friends so much!

Hannah enjoyed the ice cream as much as she did playing with her friends.  Girl after my own heart!

Friday night, we had a much needed night at home.  It was perfect.  Take out for dinner, movies and Bliss cupcakes. :)

Saturday, we got up and went to the Farmer's Market.  We saw lots of friends and got to see part of the Great Food Truck Race that was in Fayetteville for the weekend. 

 Sweet baby enjoying some of the music on the square.  I promise she liked it even though this picture doesn't really portray that!

We tried to wait in line to grab some of the food but unfortunately the trucks were shut down by the Food Network before we could get anything. Jason was still is a bit quite bitter. But it was fun to see nonetheless.

We came home to let Hannah cool off and play in her sprinkler.  Poor girl was miserably hot after the Farmer's Market/waiting in line for no food.

Saturday night was a big night for us.  We have never left Hannah with an actual babysitter since she was born.  Since we live so close to family, a family member has always been the one to keep her if Jason and I go out.  But Saturday night, we were invited to the Naturals game with some friends and they had the sitter already lined up for their son so we just decided to let Hannah go play too.  Hannah loved it!  She did great and had a blast playing with Will.

After church and naps, we headed back to Arvest Ballpark for another baseball game.  It was a fundraiser for The Call as well as family night so we took advantage of another fun night at the ballpark with friends.  Hannah especially loved it because of the fireworks after the game.
 A little visit with Chester Cheetah.  Hannah could live on Cheetos if we would let her!

 Naturals win!

It was a super fun weekend and we had even more fun plans for Memorial Day!

memorial day

Our Memorial Day was quite relaxing and the perfect ending to a great three day weekend.

We hung out at the house for most of the day but did have a picnic lunch in Hannah's playhouse in the backyard. :)

After our picnic, I was needing craving some Bliss cupcakes so Jason obliged.  I'm so thankful for my sweet husband who puts up with all my crazy pregnancy cravings.
Hannah was a little overwhelmed by all her choices.

We then came home for rest/naps before getting ready for our small group cookout at the Smith's house.  It was so fun!  I LOVE our small group and am so thankful to have friends in the exact same stage of life as us and for friends for Hannah.  It really is perfect!

The backyard was setup and decorated so cute!  The kiddos loved this pool and running around in the yard all night.

The Moms and Dads usually end up separating at these things but Hannah made sure she didn't miss out on any of the guy talk! :)

These are the most precious little girls ever!  I am so thankful for their friendships to Hannah and the friendships I have with their mommas.

Hannah and Brody LOVED the bubbles!

The Dads ended the night with lots of game playing...a little yard game and then some Rock Band.

We had a fun-filled Memorial Day but I don't want to take for granted the reason that we celebrate this day.  We are so thankful for the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for our country so that we have the freedom to gather for things like small group Bible study and cookouts.  It is truly humbling to think about the lives that have been lost on our behalf.  I thank God for the freedom we have and I don't want to forget that in the midst of all the fun we had this weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!

May 20, 2012

weekend "away"

This past weekend we had a little weekend "away" and it was wonderful!  When I say "away" I really mean we went and stayed at my parents' house in Bentonville to dog sit while they were in Texas for my cousin's graduation from law school.  It was nice to spend some time in Bentonville because I always have a list of things we would enjoy doing but just never take the time to actually go to Bentonville unless we are seeing family.  We enjoyed lots of Bentonville things and I hope to do this more often!

Hannah and I went to my parents' house Friday morning while Jason was at work.  After he got off work, we went to dinner and then made a stop at YumYo's for some frozen yogurt.  Hannah LOVED it!

We got back to my parents' house to play outside and let Buddy run around a bit.

Saturday, we got up and headed to the Bentonville Farmer's Market, after a little Krispy Kreme donut action first. :) 

We love going to the Farmer's Market in Fayetteville so it was fun to check out a different market.  We hung out by the fountain to do some people watching and Hannah got a cat shaped balloon.

After the Farmer's Market, we ventured over to the splash pad.  It was super hot so the water was perfect!  After a little persuasion from Jason, Hannah decided she loved it!

When we were done splashing around, we went over to the new Flying Fish that is downtown. It was so yummy! And Hannah actually ate the chicken fingers so this will be a place we eat again!

After lunch, we went back to my parents' house for naps before a little cookout we had with some friends from church.  It was a fun, relaxing evening and I am so thankful for sweet friends who travel to Bentonville to hang out! :)

Sunday morning didn't go quite as planned but it turned out to be pretty fun.  We had planned to walk the trails at Crystal Bridges and find a place to have a picnic.  The weather wasn't cooperative at first so we had our picnic at Orchards Park and let Hannah play around in the pond there.

Once the rain let up, we decided to at least walk part of the trails before heading back to Fayetteville.  I'm glad we did!  It was beautiful!  I can't wait to go back and walk more of the trails soon!

It was a fun weekend "away"!  I'm so thankful for two wonderful places in NWA to call home.

May 13, 2012

mother's day 2012

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!  We had the best day as a family....full of lots of fun and relaxation....exactly what this pregnant momma needed!

We spent the morning lounging in our pjs.  We missed church because I wasn't feeling well and needed some rest.  When I finally got my act together, we all got ready and headed to the park for a picnic.  We found this cute little park near our house that we didn't know existed.  I am super excited about a park a little closer to our house for Hannah to play at this summer!

It started raining while we were out so we headed home and it was naps for everyone! :)  After naps, Jason fired up the grill to grill steaks, made semi-homemade bread and baked potatoes for dinner.  I was super impressed and thankful that I didn't have to lift a finger!  And it was all delicious!!

We ended the night with a little family movie-watching all cuddled up on the couch. 
It. Was. Perfect!

Jason got me the most thoughtful gift for Mother's Day too.  It was a necklace with two charms that had the girls' names engraved on it.  I LOVE it and was super surprised he pulled it off since we just found out on Thursday that Baby #2 was for sure a girl.  It was a perfect gift!  So crazy to think that in just 4.5 months, we will be a family of four!

I am so thankful for my little family and especially thankful to have been chosen as Hannah's mommy.  God is so good and has brought our family through so much.  We are incredibly blessed and can't wait to welcome sweet Olivia into our family this fall.

19 weeks

This week, I went in for my 19 week check up and to have the "official" gender ultrasound!  I was super excited and little nervous going to the appointment but it was fun because we took Hannah with us to see the baby!

Here's the sweet little waiting for the ultrasound

And she was all smiles after getting our own pictures of the baby

After my appointment, Hannah and I had some shopping to do and she wanted to pick out a little toy for Baby Sister.  This is what she picked out: a "purse" rattle complete with mirror and bling. I think Jason is going to have two VERY girly little girls on his hands in the next few years! :)

We didn't tell our families until this weekend what we were having but I did send this picture to a few friends and my sister.  I HAD to tell someone! ;)  And I think it shows how incredibly excited Hannah is to have a Little Sister, which couldn't make this momma any happier!

Baby GIRL Kaundart :)

May 12, 2012

gender and name reveal

We found out this week at my 19 week appointment what Baby Kaundart is and we couldn't be more excited to share the news with family and friends this weekend!!  Tonight, we invited all of our parents for dinner and little gender reveal party.  Hannah was SO excited to have everyone here.... I'm pretty sure she thought the party was about her. :)

Hannah had the honor of opening the "present" to reveal baby's gender.

It's PINK!

Everyone was surprised and happy to be adding another little Kaundart girl to the family!

We also decided on a name for this sweet little girl: Olivia Ruth.  I'm not sure where Olivia came from, it's just been a name I've always liked and I think it fits well with Hannah.  As for Ruth, that comes from Jason's grandma.  Her first name is Ruth and we want to honor her with our daughter's middle name.  We also invited Grandma Ruth for the party because we wanted her to be a part of the big reveal since this baby is her namesake.  I think she was pretty happy.  We pray that Olivia Ruth will be just as amazing in her faith, strength and character that Grandma Ruth has displayed in her 84 years on this earth.