April 15, 2012


This weekend, I am thankful for sweet friends who offered to let Hannah come play on Saturday morning so Jason and I could have some time to run errands and squeeze in a lunch date.  We've had one of the hardest weeks with Hannah.  She is going through SEVERE separation anxiety....but just with me.  She literally screams when she is left with Jason and even cried when I left her at my parents' house earlier in the week, which never happens!  I don't know if it is intuition about the changes that will happen when baby #2 arrives in the fall or just part of being 3 right now but it is really exhausting for this preggo momma!  Not to mention how it absolutely breaks my heart when I leave her!

However, she couldn't have been more happy to play with Rahely and Addison on Saturday!  She didn't shed a tear when we left and I was so thankful for that! :)

Three little cuties and sweet friends!

Jason and I are SO thankful for our small group and how they have loved on us through this tough parenting time.  We are all truly blessed with awesome friends!

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